Please Don’t Forget: Your Support Makes All Of This Possible

All of the individuals in the following videos are actual clients or former clients of The Salvation Army in the Greater Houston region.  Your donations and support make our work possible.  You changed and improved these individuals’ lives for the better.  This Christmas, we hope we can continue to count on your donations.  Thank you!

And if you’re able to please donate.


Being the Difference

Here at Sally’s House we’re not only making a difference, we’re being the difference by providing a safe environment for the homeless women of Houston.  Women have the opportunity to develop to their full potential and not worry about their basic survival skills like shelter, food and water.  Sowing small seeds of hope into the lives of these women is making a HUGE difference.  Real quick. Real story!  One of our own, completed our program, and is now employed with us giving back what was so freely given to her…A CHANCE!

The Salvation Army Continues Disaster Relief Efforts in the Gulf Coast region after Hurricane Isaac

salvation army disaster relief hurricane isaac

One of our mobile feeding units.

Today, The Salvation Army continues its disaster relief efforts in Gulf Coast states affected by Hurricane Isaac.  As of this morning, the national nonprofit organization had already provided 8,067 meals, 7,579 drinks, 6,264 snacks, 577 instances of emotional and spiritual care, 151 comfort kits and 1,483 hours of employee and volunteer service.   The Salvation Army currently has 24 mobile feeding units; a fully equipped 54-foot field kitchen, and approximately 60 personnel ready for deployment to hard-hit areas.  All together, these units have a combined daily feeding capacity of more than 31,000 meals.   Mobile kitchens and Salvation Army personnel have also been deployed to New Orleans, Baton Rouge, LA and Gulfport, MS.  Further information about our disaster relief efforts may be found below.

  • On Wednesday night, more than 175 men and women, bunked at The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter in Mobile, AL seeking refuge from rising waters.
  • In Hattiesburg, MS, feeding crews continued their support of evacuees at the state-run Emergency Shelter where more than 150 men, women and children have sought refuge from the storm.
  • The Salvation Army has two mobile feeding units providing food, water, and emotional and spiritual assistance to survivors in the Acreage and Loxahatchee communities of Palm Beach County, FL following massive flooding and widespread power outages.
  • The Salvation Army is continuing to support first responders and survivors with hydration in downtown Tampa and surrounding areas.

The Salvation Army is one of the nation’s largest providers of disaster service and responds to hundreds of disasters across the country each year.  Here is how donations help our overall disaster relief efforts:

  • A $10 donation feeds a disaster survivor for one day.
  • A $30 donation provides one food box, containing staple foods for a family of four, or one household cleanup kit, containing brooms, mops, buckets and other cleaning supplies
  • A $100 donation can serve snacks and drinks for 125 survivors and emergency personnel at the scene of a disaster
  • A $250 donation can provide one hot meal to 100 people or keep a hydration station operational for 24 hours
  • A $500 donation keeps a Salvation Army canteen (mobile feeding unit) fully operational for one day

Locally, our Salvation Army Greater Houston Area Command staff and volunteers standby ready to respond as needed in the affected areas.  For the latest updates on The Salvation Army’s response to this disaster, please visit

Save the Date! For our largest fundraiser of the year. Nov 8th.

salvationarmy Annual Luncheon dinesh d'souza

On Thursday, November 8, 2012, The Salvation Army Greater Houston Area Command will welcome New York Times Best-Selling Author & President of King’s College, NYC, Mr. Dinesh D’Souza, to the city of Houston as Keynote Speaker for its largest, single, fundraising event of the year – The Salvation Army Greater Houston Advisory Board’s 2012 Annual Luncheon.  To be held at the Hilton Americas from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., all proceeds raised by this charitable event will be utilized to support the local nonprofit organization’s year-round programs and services.

Now is the time to save the date.  This is really one of the best ways to support one of Houston’s largest and longest-standing community organizations.

For more information about this event, including individual tickets and table sponsorships, please Click Here.

More of your great #SalvationArmy finds – Keep Thrifting Folks!

There was no way we could resist pulling some more of your wonderful finds from our Salvation Army thrift stores.  It’s always so much fun to see how creative you all can get when it comes to re-purposing our merchandise.  So how about we make a deal?  You keep shopping and sharing your finds at our thrift stores using the  #salvationarmy hashtag, and we’ll keep highlighting our favorites here!  That’s simple enough, right?

What do you say?  Are you up for the challenge?

thrifting salvationarmy thrift stores

As originally instagramed by @snipertoe

thrifting salvationarmy thrift stores

As originally instagramed by @shoptheworld77.

thrifting salvationarmy thrift stores

As originally instagramed by @shoptheworld77.

thrifting salvationarmy thrift stores

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thrifting salvationarmy thrift stores

As originally instagramed by @hollabackgirl13.

thrifting salvationarmy thrift stores

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Progress Report: Construction well underway at Sally’s House

Summer is almost over, and at Sally’s House that means construction for the expansion of the transitional living facility is now closer than ever.  Located just north of Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston, once construction is complete later this year, Sally’s House will be able to serve more than twice as many transient homeless women in the Greater Houston region.  The new facility will also expand the number of classrooms and other resource areas for long term rehabilitation clients of the facility.

Here’s how it’s looking so far!

Sally's House Construction salvationarmy

Already you can see the new wing taking shape just behind the existing Sally’s House space.

Sally's House Construction salvationarmy

Workers are definitely making good progress.

Sally's House Construction salvationarmy

Here’s another view of the front side of the new wing. 

Sally's House Construction salvationarmy

We’re really excited to see how far along this new space is now!

Sally's House Construction salvationarmy

From the back side of the building you can truly appreciate the prime location of this facility.

Sally's House Construction salvationarmy

It being so central to downtown Houston is important because of the population served at Sally’s House.

Sally's House Construction salvationarmy

And finally, a side view of the new wing.  It looks good, right?

Our very own Charmaine Smith honored as ‘2012 Maximum Mom’

Charmaine Smith Maximum Mom Salvation ArmyWe can’t truly express how proud we are of our very own Charmaine Smith – director at our Family Residence transitional living facility – for being honored, this year, as the ‘2012 Maximum Mom’ award recipient by Houston Woman Magazine!  Charmaine was nominated and selected for this prestigious recognition because, as the publication puts it, she is a “woman who possesses a strong moral character and serves as a role model for those in her care.”  We couldn’t agree more if we tried!

Here’s a little snippet from the article about Charmaine:

Smith joined the Salvation Army in 1976 when she married her husband Fred, the son of Salvation Army officers. Living and working in various positions with the Salvation Army, she and her husband embraced its mission to serve those less fortunate. 

In 1985, with their five-year-old daughter in tow, they moved back to Houston, Charmaine’s hometown, and into the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center where they still live. She began as the Casework Coordinator at the Family Residence. She served in this capacity until 1997 when she became director of the facility.  

“We’re dealing with every kind of person, from a variety of backgrounds and cultures,” Smith said. “We’ve seen miraculous turnarounds, and others look you in the eye and say you haven’t done one thing for me. We just say the Serenity Prayer, and do what we can do.” 

“It’s all about faith and believing I’m doing a good thing. It’s not based on emotion. It’s a commitment,” she added. 

Congratulations Charmaine!! 

Please read the full article at

Conroe Canteen deployed as part of post flooding relief efforts

This week, our Conroe Corps Community Center’s mobile canteen unit in Montgomery county was called to duty for disaster relief efforts in the flood stricken community of Glen Loch, just north of Houston.  Staffed by a small army of volunteers and Salvation Army officers, this disaster relief team, as of this morning, had already provided pastoral care, food and clean up kits to approximately 100 people in the local community.

As a result of torrential rains in the local region, last week, this community was evacuated to area shelters.  Residents, this week, are cleaning up their homes and salvaging whatever they can.  Each of our mobile feeding units, better known as canteens, can provide hot meals for up to 2,000 people in one day, when fully staffed.

salvation army glen loch montgomery county

Our Conroe canteen providing meals to Glen Loch residents.  

salvation army glen loch montgomery county

Everyone was very grateful and happy to see our canteens in the area. 

So we LOVE that you LOVE #thrifting at our Family Stores!

It’s always so much fun exploring the creativity you all have when it comes to re-purposing clothing and other great finds from our Family Stores across the Greater Houston region and beyond.  Now, thanks to the popularity of social media, we can share your awesome creations with the world here too!  These are just a few of our favorite images from the web as of this morning.  Keep sharing and posting more pictures, or if you’d like to make sure we see your original creations send us an email.  Either way, you should know that when you shop at our family thrift stores your helping us fund important programs and services in our community.  Thank you for that!

Thrifting at The Salvation Army

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Thrifting at The Salvation Army

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Thrifting at The Salvation Army

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Thrifting at The Salvation Army

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Thrifting at The Salvation Army

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Thrifting at The Salvation Army

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Hey, it’s our Birthday!

william booth salvation army birthday

Our founder William Booth.

On a day like today, exactly 147 years ago, our founder, William Booth gave up the comfort of his pulpit and decided to take his message into the streets where it would reach the poor, the homeless, the hungry and the destitute.  That’s when The Salvation Army as we know and love it today was born!

Today, we celebrate and congratulate all of you who support and honor The Salvation Army by allowing us to continue our work across the world, and especially in the Greater Houston region.  Thank you for all you do!

Here is a little bit more about about our history.